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A mobile App. An internet media of news aggregator, including multiple content categories. Combination of artificial intelligence, professional editing and incentive offers, content is highly matched to user interests, also to form a reading habit.

Southeast Asia, others

India, South America

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Retrieve information efficiently

Combination of Ai and professional editing, content is highly matched to user interests.

Help people develop a reading habit

We believe reading values people. User doesn't have to change their habit, but still can be benefit from reading.

Low cost of acquisition, high potential of profit

Rely on our 5 year more success business model both markets on China and SEA.


Earn free cash from buzz news or newsbreak, develop a reading habit.

Daily Newsbreak

Catch topbuzz news, follow the latest buzz news from our AI content suggestion feature, let you not be Outdated.

Bonus to develop good habit

Build good habit is hard, but make easy money is easier. Start to earn free cash as bonus to help you developing a good reading habit today!

Cash Out to encourage you

Every day will be a happy day, you improved from reading, and get Cash Out as the proof on each day.

Smart recommendation

Personalized recommendation of artificial intelligence algorithms to pinpoint your interests and create your own news. The more you read the news, the more accurate the recommendation.

Operational Figure

50 coins in-app

8000 coins for new users

150-300 coins for share

100 Coins for

15% commission
daily bonus

Business Potential

Combination of artificial intelligence, professional editor and cash rewards, users can get headline news, local hot, entertainment, health and wellness, social issues and multi-categories news every day.

Huge amount of users acquisition to your customer facing business

Cashzine provides incentive offers to users that is a perfect scenario of requiring user adopting e-wallet.

Owning Traffic and e-wallet combined, there are many potential opportunities to the Sourtheast Asia, a youth market in the near future.